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We offer a wide range of superior quality heaters that are easy to install and maintain. The heaters offered by us have high levels of insulation. The heaters are used for various purposes and work more efficiently than other varieties of heaters. The various varieties of heaters are mentioned in a detailed manner below.

Glow Plug Water Jacket Heater Flange Heater
Heater With Built In Switch Space Heater

Glow Plug
We manufacture glow plugs which are used to heat the combustion chambers of various engines in cold conditions to help ignition at cold start. Mounted on suction manifold, this product assists in cold starting of the engine. The specification of this device is:
  • Ranges from 12V - 52 amp / 24V - 26 amp / 6V -41 amp

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Water Jacket Heater
Our water jacket heater comes with fairly high insulation levels, which makes it work more efficiently then the other ordinary heaters. This heater is used to heat the water in the cylinder block jacker, it comes with an inbuilt temperature controller. The specification of this product is:
  • Ranges from 110V/230V, 300 - 1000 Watts

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Flange Heater
We manufacture and supply flange heaters that are easy to install and maintain. They are used to heat gases in their specified functioning. It reduces the white smoke emission while cracking, this heater is used to heat suction manifold air for cold start application. This product is available in the specification given below:
  • Functions at 12V/24V DC
  • Load range 2500 Watt

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Heater With Built In Switch
Heater With Built In Switch
A heater with a built- in preset solid state switch on top of the heater in a epoxicated enclosure. This reduces the cost of wiring and control, used for oil sample heating.
Rating: 12V/24VDC
Trip Temp: -20 degree Celsius to 90 degree Celsius

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Space Heater
Space Heater
A device to heat the air in a control panel, room cabinet. These devices are available in various wattage & voltage per customer requirement.
Rating: 110V/230V
Wattage: 100 watt - 1500 watt

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